Honda Introduces Special Internet Data Package

HONDA HR-V 360 Experience

Honda has recently introduced internet data package. With the launch of the internet data package, Honda aims to provide a connected driving experience to its customers and make their journey even more enjoyable. The internet data package is available for the entire Honda model line-up and can be availed by those with built-in or add-on Honda navigation units. Honda owners can opt for a one-year package at a low price of Rs. 9,999, which comes with 120GB of annual data. Alternatively, monthly top-ups of 10GB are also available at a low price of Rs. 833 per month.
The new internet data package provides hi speed 4G internet which is aimed at providing uninterrupted connectivity to Honda owners with features like real-time traffic updates, online video and music streaming, weather updates and much more. Additionally, the package also allows passengers to use it as an in car Wi-Fi to stay connected through their smartphones and other devices, making long drives more entertaining and enjoyable.
To avail the internet data package, Honda owners can simply call or visit their nearest Honda 3S dealership and request the package for their vehicle.

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